The Softer Side of the Studio

Every man has a softer side that he expresses in different ways.  I express mine through inspirational pieces like Focused, a portrait of my Maine Coon cat, Rocky.  Maine Coons are often ideal pets for special needs adults and children due to their mellow and intuitive natures.  After reading about a young artist who has Autism and how her Maine Coon helps her to be able to focus and create amazing works of art, I felt compelled to paint her story using Rocky as a model.  Purple Pansies was inspired by my friend, Beth who loves pansies and named her jewelry business after them.  Check her out on Etsy: PurplePansy333.

Custom Portrait
Custom Portrait
Custom Portrait
Prints available for sale
Purple Pansies
The Love of Christ
Original and prints available for sale
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Monochromatic - Paintings

Starstruck 313 Style

Inner Star
Hero Vanelope
Faithful Max
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As an avid comic book fan, the re-interpretations of iconic Marvel comic book covers and characters has been the most fun for me.  Mixing my love for comics with the actors who brought each character to life for a new generation.  Of course I don't limit my imagination to Marvel. Check back for more characters to come!


Airbrushed canvas 36x24, original for sale
Airbrushed canvas 20x20, original for sale
Elizabeth as Rey
Airbrushed canvas 24x36
A Candle is Not to be Trifled With
Airbrushed canvas 16x20, original for sale
Come Here...I Have Something for You
Airbrushed canvas 24x36, original available for sale
Battle on the Bridge
Chris Helmsworth as Thor in this iconic rendition of Marvel's issue #4 Silver Surfer comic book cover.
Longing (Bogart)
Airbrushed canvas, 36x24, framed. Original and prints for sale
Ian Somerhalder
Airbrushed canvas, 16x20
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Dr. Strange
Charcoal and pencils
Charcoal and pencils
Charcoal and pencils
Emma Watson as Belle
Steampunk Jenn
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Mixed Media

Girl's Night Out
Airbrushed sheet metal
Don't Cry
Charcoal drawing
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The Eyes Have It - Pencils

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden..." - Paul Coelho

The Secret Within
Staring Fear in the Eye
Eye on the Prize
Rapunzel's Realization
An Eye for Love
Eye on the Lamp
Bring back what once was mine
Restore the Heart
Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart
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313 Doing Digital

During the summer it gets a little too toasty to paint in my studio during the day, so I use that time to complete comic book colorist orders and test different colors or ideas for my latest projects using ProCreate and Photoshop. One of my favorites was  transforming a friend and her boyfriend into the iconic couple: Harley Quinn and the Joker.  Being an artist herself, she loved the artistic re-imagination.  Curious how you would look as your favorite character?  Send me a picture of yourself and which character you would like to be and I can transform you too!  Check out my latest renderings and comic book pages on Instagram.

Digital Rendering of "Tempted"
When I want to test different colors and ideas, it's helpful to upload my sketch to ProCreate and paint it there. Having come up with a final product I like the next step is airbrushing in on a canvas.
Re imagined Harley and the Joker
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Faithful Max